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            Parkland Garden Furniture: Picnic Tables, Benches, Garden Chairs and Tables Suppliers of picnic tables, benches and tables for patios and gardens

            Ordering Seats Tables Picnic benches Accessories

            Picnic Tables, Garden and Patio Furniture
            Direct to Your Door

            Long lasting picnic tables



            At Parkland we make the garden furniture you can see on this web site. We believe that tables and chairs used outside in gardens or on your patio should be stylish, comfortable and durable, so we make garden furniture that really can be left out all year.


            Please have a look at the range of furniture we offer here. You can order securely from these pages and have your furniture delivered to your door. The range we produce includes garden benches, seats, garden tables and picnic tables, all in a range of sizes.

            All our garden and patio furniture is created from Top Grade Upper Scandinavian Redwood, sourced only from forests with planned renewal programmes. The furniture components are dipped in Sikkens Cetol, a superior wood preservative and stain from the world's largest coating manufacturers. Your can choose between mahogany and teak stains, both of which will provide a durable finish, teak is on the left in the photograph, dark mahogany on the right.

            The furniture is dispatched flat pack direct to your home or business. Only a few minutes are required to assemble each item using the bolts supplied. Less than half an hour after delivery you could be enjoying a picnic in your garden on one of our picnic tables!

            Collect your garden furniture from our workshop which is just five minutes from junction 29a of the M1 motorway and we would be pleased to quote you an attractive price if you choose to collect.

            Should you require a personal quotation or any assistance then we can usually be contacted on 01246 819999 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, or by email at any time.

            Parkland Patio and Garden Furniture

            Stylish, strong, durable and practical garden furniture

            Parkland Garden Furniture Ltd
            Dade Avenue, (Old Inky Club), Inkersall, Chesterfield S43 3SQ
            Tel: 01246 819999  or  01246 280087

            Email: office@furniture-for-gardens.co.uk


            [ How to order | Seats | Tables | Picnic benches | Accessories ]

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