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            Parkland Garden Furniture: Picnic Tables, Benches, Garden Chairs and Tables
            Garden and patio seats
            Suppliers of picnic tables, benches and tables for patios and gardens

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            The range of seats

            Garden Seats

            There are four garden seats in our range, from our popular single seat up to a splendid four seater. Park bench comfort in your garden!


            You can

            link our garden chairs together with our link table accessory.

            Additional items for use with the seats are shown on the accessories page.

            All our garden furniture is supplied in a specially developed rich mahogany or teak preservative and finish.

            Prices include delivery and VAT.

            Use this form to order items for delivery to your address

            Item description  FinishPrice each,
            Single seat with arms
            710mm wide
            Double seat bench with arms
            1120mm wide
            Triple seat bench with arms
            1550mm wide
            Four seat bench with arms
            1920mm wide

            Parkland Garden Furniture

            Stylish - Strong - Durable - Practical

            Dade Avenue, (Old Inky Club), Inkersall, Chesterfield S43 3SQ
            Tel: 01246 819999  or  01246 280087
            E-mail: office@furniture-for-gardens.co.uk


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